Study of innovative product and process solutions based on the industrial use of advanced materials



HP Composites is the beneficiary of the project "Study of innovative product and process solutions based on the industrial use of advanced materials", co-financed by the Abruzzo Region, Department of Economic Development, Labor Policies, Education, Research and University Research Service and Industrial Innovation, POR ERDR ABRUZZO 2014-2020 - ACTION LINE 1.1.1: "Support for research projects of companies that include the use of researchers at the companies themselves" - Action Line 1.1.4: "Support for R & D collaborative activities for The development of sustainable technologies, new products and services "," support for industrial research projects and experimental development of companies related to the domains identified in the regional strategy of intelligent specialization RIS3 Abruzzo. Projects higher than 5 MEURO "- CUP C37H18000060007.

The project is part of a strategic plan for creating and consolidating a network of companies and specialized and qualified research organizations aimed at promoting research and industrial application of advanced materials and constitutes the pilot project of establishment of a center of transgional competence for research, technological transfer and promotion of advanced materials.
The objective is to study innovative product and process solutions based on the industrial use of advanced materials with applications related to the domain of automotive / mechatronics, also susceptible to technological transfers with a high industrial impact in other domains RIS3 Abruzzo, such as ad Example The ICT / aerospace, and such as to impact on large industrial sectors with sensitive economic relapses in the territory.

The project involves 4 companies and 2 research institutions:

- HP Composites 
- Comec Innovative
- Ponzio
- Idea & Sviluppo
- Università degli studi dell'Aquila
- Università Politecnica delle Marche



The total partnership investment amounts to 5,176,938 and public funding at € 3,184,906.

HP Composites activities focused on the research and development lodging entitled "Study and development of a production process, based on RTM technology, able to produce high-resistential components through the use of nano-additiated resin".

HP Composites in the context of this project aims to study and develop an innovative production process, called HPC-RTM, high automation and high production volumes based on Resin Transfer Moulding technology - RTM, capable of making high components -Resistential through the use of nano-added resin intended for the automotive sector.
The optimization of process parameters, through the development of technologically advanced solutions, will allow a reduction in production costs and times, the use of nano-loaded matrices and a clear improvement of environmental sustainability of process.

The project results will be best exploited to resonance the impact of the project by implementing an industrial enhancement plan, the development of a patent and implementation of a dissemination plan and Exploitation.

More information: https://www.goinnovation.it/





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