The Polo of Composite Materials is born

A new beginning for the local economy: the Polo of Composite Materials is born

The POLO DEI COMPOSITI is born from the union of 13 companies based between Marche and Abruzzo. A project of which HP Composites, a company based in Ascoli Piceno, has promoted itself by seeing in this "union" a great opportunity for the growth and development of the territory.

A strategic choice is also that of making the Polo assume an inter-regional configuration: in this way, in fact, the possibilities of access to the various advantages that the project will bring for the participating companies will be more important.

The realities operate in different sectors involving the mechanical, engineering, training and composite materials sectors. Specifically, the participating companies are: Adriatech, Carbon Mind, Delta Preg, Ecodime Italy, Nano Tech, HP Composites, H7 Mechanics, Innovative Comec, Vellei Bodywork, OM4, Alci Meccanica, 1D1M Meccanica and Centro Lab.

The main objective is to merge a financial purpose with that of industrial growth.Through this structure it will be possible to access the activation of financial resources at regional, national and European level, to give an industrial connotation to a territory within which there is an "Air of Complex Crisis", to activate a process for economic and commercial development, technological and organizational aspects of the companies involved, as well as making access to tenders, economic incentives and financing facilities easier. A structure, that of the Polo, which has a total turnover of over 106 M € and involves 695 employees. An important part will be carried out by the R & D division, which has always been at the forefront for the development of new innovative concepts and techniques, involving a total of 8% of staff. With the hope that through the establishment of this structure we can launch a strong signal to all the realities present in the territory, finally connoting it to a sector, that precisely of advanced composite materials, of which the Piceno and the companies mentioned are already today and may even more be the world's nerve center for development over the next 30 years.