"La Repubblica" insert HP Composites in the " Excellent Companies of Marche Region"

Technological innovation, and great passion are the characteristics of the Marches company which confirms the Italian keyplayer in the field of composite materials.

From 2014 to today it has managed to conquer the podium in an area considered still niche and to strengthen the value of Made in Italy in the world, reaching important milestones in a few years.

The company Ascoli has capitalized its skills, professionalism and desire to do allowing it to be associated today, often and willingly, with the big names of the racing car industry. It is no coincidence that in the course of 2018 two important partnerships were signed with Dallara and Lamborghini Squadra Corse, without forgetting that HP is the official supplier of Ligier Sportscars for which it manufactures all the chassis and bodywork.

HP Composites has collaborated for the Parma company giving life to the Eng. Giampaolo Dallara to launch a complete Dallara branded car, the "Dallara Stradale" presented to the public last November.

With the house of Sant'Agata Bolognese instead HP is united by the passion for innovation and excellence that has brought them and leads them to work side by side: the company Ascolana will in fact provide engineering services and tooling, as well as equipment and components for its racing cars. The combination Lamborghini Squadra Corse - HP Composites has come to life on the tracks of the major championships around the world, where Lamborghini is busy with the Huràcan GT3. On all the cars in the category, most of the bodywork components and the aerodynamic kits are made entirely of carbon fiber in the Ascoli Piceno plants.

During these years HP has never decelerated: last spring the 3rd production plant was activated bringing the company to cover 14,000 square meters and advanced negotiations are under way for the acquisition of an additional 10,000 square meters divided into three adjacent plants.

The development of the area has a fundamental value and for this reason HP for daily work has decided to make use of the collaboration of third companies based in the Marche and in the province of Ascoli Piceno. "Working with local entrepreneurs means offering them a common opportunity for growth while encouraging the local economy" - explains DG Ing. Abramo Levato. A turnover that has now reached € 4 M.

The path, all uphill, also concerns the turnover that continues to have a positive trend. The year 2017 ended by surpassing 27 million euros, with a + 15% compared to the previous year and in the first half of 2018 the numbers confirm the confirmation of the annual growth rate.

Production data are also growing: from the beginning of 2018, the weekly production is around 2500 pieces, while only the number of frames produced has risen to 1200. A success achieved through the skills and dedication of the his staff on which HP is aiming for everything. Despite the new and more stringent rules on employment relationships introduced by the Decree Dignity, HP shrugs and stabilizes indefinitely in 2018 only 150 resources, perhaps unique in Italy. The conclusion is that in HP today the quota of 500 total employees has been exceeded and it is not excluded that the number can grow again.

The preparation of the courses is entrusted to teachers who are experts in the field who study the most suitable training offer to best respond to all requests. The plus consists in not having standard modules but each course has unique features and specifications. This has allowed us to provide specific training for large companies operating in the Motorsport sector, from Formula One to World Endurance (WEC), Automotive and Aerospace.

The TCA training courses are preparatory to the insertion in the company: from 2014 to date, TCA has activated 21 coaching plans, forming 317 people today: most of these resources are still working at HP.

Among the company's initiatives aimed at the training of new generations: a Post-graduate course for the training of Tecnicicon with highly specialized knowledge and skills in the supply chain of composite materials, and of INDUSTRY 4.0 which will take place at IIS "Fermi - Sacconi-Ceci "Of Ascoli Piceno and a Specialization Course, for students with a three-year degree in science, on Engineering Composite Materials Organized in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche and the Composite Materials Center.

For HP research and development are key words that have allowed the birth of an innovative Start UP Carbon Mind direct by Eng. Alessia Nardinocchi. The soul of this new society feeds on the needs of those who want to produce something new in carbon and those who want to produce it better. Carbon Mind has started to move small steps independently, through the acquisition of important customers and expanding the sectors of operation, as well as in the Automotive sector CM is also operating in the metalworking, I-tech and design industries. A start-up that has all the credentials to become in the future a real international research center on composite materials and on the development of industrial technologies connected to it.

 "The objectives for the future?" Says Ing. Abraham Levato "to maintain market leadership through the industrialization of the process, I increasingly promote the use of advanced composite materials in the automotive sector, a real global future challenge".