We welcome the new born in the Everspeed family: HP Racing Team

The HP brand stable is born from the desire to see the fruit of one's work darting on the track. The ambition of the HP staff is to be able to create moments of aggregation for all employees and local suppliers of the Ascoli area, who work every day to create these competition prototypes.

The HP Racing Team will not see external personnel employed but on the contrary it will be the young engineers, workers, mechanics present in the company to be protagonists on the track. It will be a way to give space and at the same time grow the new generation of HP, which has always focused and continues to bet on young people from the Ascoli area.

The LIGIER JS P4 of HP Racing Team will take part in the next Ultimate Cup Series, a championship born a few years ago thanks to the APR in the sector for about 20 years. The competition includes a single Italian stage at the end of June at Mugello, while the other stages will touch the European circuits of Valencia, Magny Cours and Paul Richard.

"The desire that drove us to take this path", says DG Eng. Abramo Levato "is the desire to share with everyone and the sense of belonging to a great, unique, FAMILY that has always allowed us to achieve something different than the others. We have focused on young people and in 15 years I expect young people today to focus on the new generation ".