In a historic moment when the words are the master with the political elections at the door HP Composites focuses on the facts.

The news of companies that close their doors to move production abroad (the last one is the Embraco of Turin) leaving home hundreds of workers and families are the order of the day.The Ascoli's company embarks on a counter-trend path and stabilizes its workers by increasing the number of employees in the area.

There were 41 HP employees who saw the modification of the terms of their employment contract. During these years the company has actively contributed to the increase in the employment rate of the region. Approximately 171 persons have been hired on permanent contracts since 2015 and specifically: in 2015, no. 75 persons, in 2016 no. 22, 2017 n.33.An active participation in the economic development of the province that we remember has allowed the city of Ascoli Piceno to climb the peaks of the livability ranking published last November by Sole 24 Ore passing from 27th to 15th position in the category "Work and Innovation".

A considerable amount and above all an effect due to the new management. From 2014 up to now the skilful management of Ing. Abramo Levato and the President, the gentleman driver, Jacques Nicolet led the HP Composites to achieve great goals.

The annual turnover speaks for itself: 2017 ended with the achievement of 27.5 million euro, far exceeding the results achieved in previous years. And the 2018 has just begun to hope.

But the growth of HP is not just about the turnover but also the Mq occupied in the area.In fact, the 3rd production plant is about to enter the business, which will then lead the company to cover an area of about 14,000 square meters. A project put in place to meet the needs of a market that is growing significantly and in a short time. As the Globe Newshire also states, the global automotive composites market is expected to reach $ 24 billion by 2024.

The wealth of technical knowledge has allowed HP to become a point of reference when it comes to machining carbon fiber composite materials for the motorsport and automotive sectors. And in the latter, the company is making space for approaching the world of electric street cars, considering the future of the automotive sector, for which the company will produce bodywork and structural parts in carbon.