HP a little bit of Ascoli Piceno alongside one of the most prestigious names in Italian automotive: Maserati.

A few days ago the Emilian car manufacturer presented to the public the super sports car defined as the model of the new generation of Maserati: the MC 20.

The curtain opened at the Modena Autodrome, the perfect place to introduce this new car, made entirely in Italy. A racing car, or simply a supercar with excellent performance on the road but also destined for competitions.

When it comes to INNOVATION HP Composites is there. It has always been the key word that has led the company to grow over the years, as well as being one of the strengths that lead it to be present in daring projects, just like this one.

The entire staff collaborated with the Modena-based team to develop and manufacture important structural components and the "best in class" super sports car especially for the weight - power ratio: thanks to the 'mixed' construction in carbon fiber, composite materials and light alloys, it weighs less than 1,500 kg and thanks to its 630 HP it ensures a record value of 2.33 kg / Cv.

"A team effort", explains the commercial director of HP, "our decennial experience and professionalism in the processing of carbon fiber composite materials has led us to be chosen by one of the most illustrious names on the world automotive stage and we can only be proud of this "

“A special mention”, adds the DG Ing. Abramo Levato, “goes to all the staff of HP Composites who with their dedication, passion and availability have contributed to the realization of this prestigious project. Our Research and Development department is a source of pride: the composite components will in fact be produced through the Air Press Molding process, a technology developed by R&D; the latter can be defined as one of the distinctive elements that allows the company to maintain a competitive advantage in our reference market. " Production of the MC 20 is scheduled for the end of 2020. A production that will see HP and its production departments busy for some time.