On Monday, October 21st, the process of recognizing HP Composites SpA's contributions to support the Piceno and Val Vibrata complex industrial crisis area was concluded.

The procedure for accessing funds established by Law 181, aimed at relaunching industrial activities, safeguarding employment levels, supporting investment programs and entrepreneurial development in the areas hit by the industrial and sector crisis, started in March last year. Nine were the requests received by Invitalia (National Agency for the attraction of investments) in the preliminary phase for a total expected contribution of about 32 million.

HP had distinguished itself in the first position as a potential beneficiary by virtue of the investment and employment promotion project in the area. In fact, the program presented included 50 new hires, thanks to an investment of 4 million for which 2.8 million benefits were requested. Over time, however, HP has already completed most of the formal recognition by Invitalia, starting to work on new projects that have allowed it to complete the growth process started a few months ago with the acquisition of the fourth production plant.

The procedure, which was complex, also required the involvement of the regional administration also with regard to employment support through the resources of the ESF (European Social Fund). The intervention of the Region was emphasized by the president Luca Ceriscioli during the visit to HP in July: "As a Region we are proud to be close to this company that realizes development opportunities in a part of the Marche region that needs to grow and to consolidate its economic structure ".

In fact, the company based in Ascoli now has more than 500 workers and continues to strengthen its position as a world leader in its markets. The contribution obtained will allow the creation of a new and equipped Research and Development laboratory, the creation of a new production unit dedicated to special projects and Formula 1; these are just some of the projects on which HP staff is working tirelessly.

"Efficiency, industrialization and technological innovation are the beliefs on which HP's medium-long term strategy is based, with training and maximum selection of personnel aimed at making the reliability of the company towards customers as robust as possible", states the general manager of HP Composites Abramo Levato.

The words of the General Director Abramo Levato