Tailored Rehabilitation for the Engagement and Empowerment of chronically disabled people

HP Composites takes part in the T.R.E.E project, one of the 8 projects for care and well-being combined with innovation co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The cost of the project is € 2,416,290.20 and the Union contribution is € 1,435,764.46.

The project aims to create a model of social and health service to be applied in the field of rehabilitation, monitoring and assistance that can best respond to changes in care needs that can be detected both by patients and by the Health System National through the use of innovative technologies. The intent is to create a model that can change and consequently adapt to those changes that are seen in the field of care for the disabled, thus involving not only patients but also professionals.

The idea is to create customized rehabilitative paths with the use of innovative technologies that can lead to the involvement and responsibility of all people with chronic motor and / or cognitive disabilities who need specific care and qualified assistance.

The project will come to life through the development of a platform that will allow better management of rehabilitation sessions. With the use of new technologies it will be possible to acquire the patient's physiological parameters and the performance results obtained during the exercise, constantly monitoring the improvements that occur during the course. To do this, touch systems, smart walls and smart floors will be used during the sessions.

HP Composites will take part in the project providing, for patients with severe disabilities, a carbon fiber wheelchair that will allow the use of home rehabilitation systems.

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