On Wired Italy, the third installment of #StorieDiInnovazione. HP Composites is told through the words of the General Manager, Abramo Levato. The continuous research, innovation and strength of our employees are our strong point.

HP Composites works to make a difference in demanding and constantly changing markets. A challenge that comes from internal know-how but also from the comparison with other subjects from an open innovation perspective. The approach of the company is that of a great technological group that works by anticipating the needs and requirements of customers who rely on its components in carbon fiber reinforced material, whether we are talking about the search for extreme performance (for example in the automotive sector ) whether new ways are sought for aesthetics and functionality.

You cannot innovate without looking outside, taking on challenges and opportunities outside the company perimeter: it is easier to do so when customers and suppliers are also moving at the same pace and at the same time the company is promoting local relationships with others subjects.

As stated by the General Manager Ing. Abramo Levato: "Being innovative means not stopping, always being able to propose a product or service that the competitors do not have, and at the same time conceiving themselves as innovative subjects even outside the business, promoting actions and visions that are positively affect those who work in the company or live in the territory".

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