HP Composites and the partnership with the Marche Polytechnic University

The first two training projects were presented in the splendid setting of the Sala degli Specchi of Ascoli Piceno, born from the partnership with the Marche Polytechnic University, which will start in the coming months.

13, 90, 38, 719, 8! These are the winning numbers "extracted" today on the occasion of the official presentation of the first training projects launched in collaboration with the Marche Polytechnic University.

In fact, there are 13 companies that adhere to the "Polo of Composite Materials" Network Contract, the only one of its kind in Italy, with 90 million euros developed in 2017 as a turnover, 38% of which was realized abroad; 719 employees, of which 8% dedicated to Research & Development.

The partnership underlying the Polo is broad and qualified, represented by 13 companies that have made innovation their strong point:

  • Adriatech
  • Alci Meccanica
  • Cadland
  • Carbon Mind
  • Carrozzeria Vellei
  • Centrolab
  • Comec Innovative
  • Ecodime Italia
  • HP Composites
  • Meccanica H7
  • Nano Tech
  • OM4
  • 2D1M Meccanica

Eng. Abramo Levato, General Manager of HP Composites, as well as President of the Polo, prof. Sauro Longhi, Magnificent Rector of Politecnica and prof. Archimede Forcellese, coordinator of the training initiatives, presented, in the splendid setting of the Sala degli Specchi of Confindustria in Ascoli Piceno, the first two initiatives born from the partnership between companies and Universities, which will start in the coming months:

  • the first edition of the advanced course in "Engineering of composite materials"
  • the establishment of the "Production Technologies and Systems for Composite Manufacturing" course as part of the Master's Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering

Eng. Levato pointed out how: "the collaboration with the Polytechnic University of the Marche responds to the needs of the Center and the companies represented in it to have highly specialized professionals in a technological and market environment with extremely interesting perspectives", perspectives suffragate from some very emblematic data, such as the current worldwide demand for carbon fiber composites, generated by highly dynamic sectors such as automotive, aeronautical and aerospace industry, energy from renewable sources, sports, wellness and leisure and others, as well as medium-term development forecasts, which see a doubling of demand between 2016 and 2022.

The object of the network program is mainly that of the collaboration between the member companies and between these and external subjects (start-ups, companies, universities, research centers, etc.) in the following areas of intervention:

  • technological scouting, observatory of relevant and applicable innovations
  • planning and organization of updating, training and development of skills based on shared needs
  • research & development, technology transfer, innovation, digitalisation, internationalization
  • financial scouting, planning and activation of facilitated financial instruments to support the activities of the Center

The Rector Prof. Sauro Longhi, on the other hand, underlined the positive nature of the initiative and the approach to innovation that the Composite Materials Hub symbolizes and represents, with respect to a territory that is re-launching and intends to change "skin".

"Investing in skills and new professional skills" - continued the Rector - "is a farsighted choice and for this reason the Politecnica has made itself available to the territory, in the hope that it is only a first step of a broader and lasting collaboration."

The Rector himself and the prof. Forcellese also provided extensive details on the concerted initiatives with the Polo, emphasizing in particular how the Advanced Engineering Course on Composite Materials will allow students and recent graduates to expand their knowledge on topics of great industrial importance, but the staff will also be able to participate operating in local companies, thus increasing the competitiveness of the local industrial sector.

The course will have a duration of 120 hours, recognizing 12 university credits and will be provided at the Politecnica delle Marche in San Benedetto del Tronto and will be subdivided into five modules in which the main topics related to the design and production aspects will be analyzed. obtaining parts in advanced composite materials.

To witness the liveliness and dynamism of the Network and the interest in its projects a wide range of entrepreneurs, including the founders of the Polo, which has a Technical Committee and has already identified the first lines of design on which it intends work, enhancing the distinctive skills possessed, the know-how, but also the infrastructural endowments that the individual members have made available to develop projects, but also new products and services.

The Smart Factory Cluster and the Marche Manufacturing Association - in this regard - have been cited as collaborative platforms and for the elaboration of possible projects in the regional, national and international field.