HP Composites And Dallara: A Partnership To Make A Supercar

Dallara has been a world motorsport institution for 80 years, and on November 16th the Parma area presented to the public the "Dallara Stradale".

The car manufacturer, which has always been involved in the creation of cars destined for Motorsport, is launching a complete Dallara brand car with a very exciting performance for the first time. The newcomer was presented to the public in the Emilian factory at a special moment for its founder: on the day of his 81st birthday Ing Giampaolo Dallara saw his dream come to life.
In this long-awaited event, HP Composites could not miss. A strong link between the Emilia and the Marche and between the two Italian companies protagonists in the car and in the processing of composite materials. HP Composites is in fact one of the Italian excellences of the sector to have taken part in the realization of the sports car with plate.

The result? A pure sports car, a two-seater "boat", just over 4 meters long and barely 1 high, with a 400 hp 2300 turbo 4-cylinder engine capable of going from 0 to 100 km / h in 3''25 and reach a top speed of 280 km / h, with an aerodynamic load of up to 820kg. But the real pearl is the weight due to the use of advanced composite materials (in Carbon fiber): only 855kg. The production currently involves the construction of 10 copies per month for a total of 600 units. The Dallara Stradale has already met the favor of some customers who bought the car in a closed box. This new project not only confirms the growth in the use of composite materials in the automotive world market, but allows HP to renew its leadership in the sector.