Ceriscioli in HP Composites

The President of the Marche Region Luca Ceriscioli visited HP Composites: "Production reality that invests and grows, leader in the carbon fiber sector".

"We are proud to have collaborated with this company that carries out important investments". This was stated by the President of the Region Luca Ceriscioli at the end of the visit at HP Composites accompanied by Jacques Nicolet (President of HP) and Abramo Levato (General Manager).

The company is a world leader in the design and production of carbon fiber reinforced components in the automotive, Motorsport, shipbuilding, aeronautics, industrial and design sectors.

HP presented a project funded by Law 181/89 (re-launch of industrial areas hit by the crisis) for the Piceno, Valle del Tronto and Val Vibrata. It provides for an investment of 5 million euros aimed at enhancing the company's production capacity, with new hires, purchase of facilities and technologically advanced plants. Ceriscioli emphasized that the company "in just a few years has grown from 40 to over 600 employees, with a significant turnover in a sector with great prospects for expansion.Here the carbon fibers are enhanced with the maximum application technology, manual ability and great skills. "As a Region, we are proud to be close to this company that realizes development opportunities in a part of the Marche region that needs to grow and consolidate its economic structure".

The procedure of 181, with the assessment of the investment by Invitalia (National Agency for the attraction of investments) was complex. He requested the involvement of the regional administration also with regard to employment support through the resources of the ESF (European Social Fund). The strength of the company (and also its competitive advantage) lies in the "vertical" management of the production process: from the design to the production of details, to the creation of models. In the processing of composite materials market, very few industrial realities are able to offer a global service for the supply of carbon manufactured articles.