Assolavoro Road Show 2019

The Roadshow of Assolavoro started from Naples and will focus on in-depth analysis and analysis of tools, services and synergies that can be developed between Companies and Employment Agencies.

Assolavoro has started a journey across the national territory for a series of meetings with the main trade associations, entrepreneurs and consultants that will touch the main cities.

After the introduction of the innovation in the discipline of work and in general in terms of flexibility by the Dignity Decree, it is necessary to have a more complete and broader look at the single aspects in order to solve some interpretative knots and report an updated and shared picture of the tools and of opportunities.

On May 28th the show arrived in Ancona at the headquarters of Confindustria Marche Nord. Speakers include the General Manager of HP Composites Ing. Abramo Levato who states: "The tools offered by job agencies allow us to manage orders on time and get the most out of our potential".