Archimede 2.0: the car with solar energy

Innovation is part of the HP Composites chromosome that could not be excluded from the Archimede 2.0 project. 

The program, designed to develop an eco-sustainable type of mobility, involves the design and subsequent construction of a solar-powered car.

The ARCHIMEDE project takes shape from the idea of a team that wanted to make its capabilities available to research in order to create prototypes of alternative energy vehicles.

The ARCHIMEDE prototype is an electric vehicle powered completely by direct solar energy. The cells contained in the solar panels, which cover the upper part of the vehicle, convert the sun's energy into electrical energy. This, through a hardware system, recharges a battery pack that allows the electric motor to be powered.

HP Composites will support the construction of all the structural parts of the car, strictly in carbon fiber, as well as making available all the equipment and know-how of the professionals from the HP staff.
The initiative in addition to having a scientific value also has strong social features given the involvement of some university students and high school students.